Sunday, 18 July 2010

Lip Locked 140 B - Radio Show Download & Tracklisting

*Cover Show*
(Aired on all stations apart from Digitally Imported)

Guest mix by Lizzie Curious

Here is the mix that aired on this week's show:

Anna's weekly House & Dirty Electro Show airs on the following stations:

Digitally Imported FM - Every Tuesday 7pm GMT

DBS FM Turkey - Every Thursday 10pm GMT

Dance FM Cyprus - Every Friday 9pm GMT

Rhythm FM Turkey - Every Friday 10pm GMT

Kiss FM Algarve - Every Friday midnight GMT

Twisted TV - Every Friday 9pm GMT

Red Sea Dance Radio - Every Saturday 5pm GMT


1. (Intro) Oliver Giacomotto - 96 Degrees (Definitive Recordings)
2. Steve Angello - La Candela Viva (Size Records)
3. Michel Cleis - La Mezcla (Alex Gaudino & Alex Rooney Bootleg mix)
4. Hauswerks - Afrobeat (Cr2 Records)
5. The Rivera Project - The San Juan Attack (Juicy Music)
6. Manuel 2Santos, Bra Belmonte - Afromamo (Disfruta Music)
7. Ian Carey ft Michelle Shellers - Keep On Rising (Spinnin Records)
8. Manuel 2Santos, Bra Belmonte - Sulay (Disfruta Music)
9. Sayeed Younan ft Mustafa Akbar - House Is (Younan Music)
10. Milk & Sugar - Let The Sun Shine (Milk & Sugar)
11. Criminal Vibes - Saxone (Loudbit)
12. Bellini - Samba De Janeiro 2010 (Manuel De La Mare Smash Mix) (Tiger Records)
13. The Rivera Project ft Lizzie Curious - Sax Heaven (Thomas Gold remix) (Juicy Music)
14. Lee Cabrera - Shake It (Cr2)
15. Mr. Eyes & Willie Morales - L.O.V.E. (Steelfish Mix) (Juicy Music)
16. (Outro) Oliver Giacomotto - 96 Degrees (Definitive Recordings)

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