Friday, 4 December 2009

Live in Portland Oregon - Lip Locked Tour - Dirty Trio Productions

Hey there!

I'm fresh back from my gigs in the USA where I had an amazing week in L.A. & Portland. The highlight of the trip was definitely the rave put on by Dirty Trio Productions in Portland OR last Saturday. Check out how I stepped up to the plates in this vid:

And it only got crazier from there! Check it out:

**Download the full 1hr 45min set here - Electro Fidget, Dubstep & Tech

192kbps (smaller file to squish it onto your ipod)

320kbps (superduper quality, as good as MP3 gets)
(There is no tracklisting as it's a live recording!)



KyMoSaBeX said...

Thanks Anna! Downloading!

Cheers from Argentina! :D

Bonnie said...

Hey im in the video dancing =]] great set!

christopher575 said...

I had so much fun at that show. Thank you so much for coming to play and for posting it here! You rule!